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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to become a member you must fulfill certain requirements:

  • you must be female 
  • you must be enrolled in a college or university in Erlangen oder Nuremberg
  • bring with you the desire to contribute

Unfortunately not. We are still a relatively young association and unfortunately do not yet have the financial means to fund our own house. We currently meet in either the homes or apartments of our members or we hold our events at the houses of other fraternities and sororities.

No, we are a non-fencing sorority.

Definitely not. Many different political opinions are represented. However it is important to us that these do not stand in contradiction to constitutional law and therefore are not radical or unconstitutional. 

We do enjoy drinking a glass or two whenever we’re doing something together in the evening – just as all students do. However, we also have a lot of fun together without alcohol (tried and tested for you by car drivers and expectant mothers alike!)

Tempus est etiam maiora conari – It is time to wage great things!